Universal for IOS – Full Multi-Purpose IOS app

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The latest content, endless – Get the latest content using official API’s and display them in media-enhanced endless lists, just scroll down to load more. No server required.
In App Purchases* – Provide your users with the option to remove ads and/or unlock additional content with a quick in-app purchase to monetise your app.
NativeWeb Technology™ – Never before has the Web been this beautiful. We inject custom CSS to HTML based descriptions of RSS and Wordpress descriptions to optimize the page for the device’s screen and create an unified look.
Social – Let your users share content from your app to other apps
Connection Manager – No connection message when no internet. Error handling is also integrated.
In-App Videoplayer – Let users play youtube videos without even having to leave your application!
About Dialog – Display about dialog with a link to your own contact page.
Internet handling – No connection? No problem, we’ll let your users know.
Great Documentation – Step by step instructions on how to configure your template from scratch.
We support many content providers with Universal to ensure you can show content from all across the web. * Wordpress to show your Wordpress blog posts, either from or self-hosted Wordpress sites, in your app. * Youtube to show Youtube channels, Youtube playlists or live videos right in your app. * Radio so you users can listen to Radio or Shoutcast/Icecast streams in your app, with metadata/now playing information and automated album art. * WooCommerce functionality to integrate your WooCommerce Store into your app, users can browse products, add them to the cart, checkout, login and view their recent orders. * WebView is available to show webpages, either online or offline. * Facebook to show your Facebook Page feed. * TV & Live Streams to show live TV and video streams in HD. * SoundCloud to play SoundCloud playlists and user uploads. * RSS and Podcasts to show RSS feeds and articles in your app, optionally with Audio. * Instagram, to show your Instagram posts. * Tumblr, to show a gallery of Tumblr user images. * Flickr, to show a Flickr gallery or album. * Twitter to show tweets based on a hashtag, query or username. * Maps, to show GeoJSON locations in your app. * Pinterest to show a Pinterest Board. * Wordpress Audio, to create an MP3 or ringtones app and let users listen to your hosted audio in your app. Above in the description you’ll find a more detailed description of each content provider and screenshots.