Restaurant Finder Full iOS Application v1.8

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Android Version is out already check the link below

Version History:
Version 1.8 (Jun 10, 2019)
Latest XCode settings update.
iOS 12 Ready
Code Adjustments
UI adjustment for iPhoneX or higher screens.

Version 1.7 (Sept 09, 2018)
Latest XCode settings update.
GDPR Ready
Consent Screens are added.
UI adjustment to support iPhoneX.

Version 1.6 Update: Sept 26, 2017)
Support for iOS 11 update.
Project settings updated to latest version of XCode.

Version 1.5 Update: (Nov 02, 2016)
Nearby restaurants fetching.
Backend update for handling.
Project settings updated to latest version of XCode.

Version 1.4 Update: (Oct 1, 2015)
iOS9 Update
Removed tab and changed to Sliding Menu
Rest Service Update
Native iPhone 6/6+/6s/6+s screen resolution support
AdMob added

Version 1.3 Update: (Sept. 30, 2014)
Works with iOS8

Version 1.2 Update:
PHP Backend bug fixes.
XML Encoding problems where fixed.
Some UI Adjustments

Version 1.1 Update:
PHP Backend to manage your data as easy as possible.
2x Image enhancement for better display.
Fixed crashing issues on tab navigation in details at some ocassions.
Fixed some bugs
RealEstate Finder Full iOS Application v1.9
Localization Ready!
Offline Usage
Add/Edit/Delete of Real Estate
Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web)
Cool Mobile UI Interaction
Paper Fold Animation – Unique UI Interaction
Pull Down Bouncy UI
Share to Facebook
Share to Twitter
Call Integration
Email Integration
SMS Integration
User can add Favorites
Google Directions.
Advance Search
About Us Panel Added
Terms & Conditions Panel Added
User can edit its Profile (Agents)
Draw Objects in the map and gets all the Map Pins inside the drawing
Ability to save user search parameters for faster navigation when it search again
Image Pinch and Zoom
Supports 3.5/4 inch Screen Display
Supports 64 bit Architecture
Native iPhone 6/6+/6s/6+s screen resolution support
PHP Features
Can manage users by allowing or denying access.
Property Type creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
RealEstate creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
Photo Upload via URL or by File.
Google Maps Integration.

The PHP Backend Files were simple, WYSIWYG, which means What You See is What You Get.

The best part of it is we included the script for creating your XML/JSON and everyting being handled by the PHP Backend, and its just easy as changing the URL. Indeed! very easy!

By our Rules: Server Access will be given to those who have purchased to avoid bombarded with updates or changes that might buyers testing the server with confusions. So please bear with us. Server Url, Username and Password credentials were included in the Zip file once you purchase. Thanks!.